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From Brushes with Life

Word Steps

Passion, moments, inception, gestation, womb, life, cry, breathe, Comfort, breast, nutrition, nurture, life, family, friends, school, grades, stable, unstable, peace, abuse, fear, flight, adolescence, puberty, dreams, failure, encouragement, success, failure, endurance, courage, rebound, resilience, demise, sprint, marathon, marriage, career, questions, answers, mentors, confusion, wisdom, knowledge, ignorance, repetition, time, life, repeat, rinse, gargle, mint fresh, pinot noir, martini, sushi, greens, digestion, art, music, exercise, love, children, career, worry, money, investments, taxes, health care, inheritance, poverty, hanging-on, cancer, stenosis, genetics, regrets, achievement, reflection, cremation, time, after, time, so, long, farewell, what fun, pray, for, reincarnation, start, all, over, again, peace.

Photo credit: Rosamaria Cavalho 2020

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